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Never thought I would sit here and write a blog post. I tell you right away. Im not a writer ,and I promise that this post will be the most text based post during my time as a blogger.

So why have a blog?
My goal is to use it as a complement for my portfolio. Some times I might share interesting ideas, concepts or updates from the motion industry. But I’m mostly going to use it for sharing experiment in animation. For about a year now I’ve been diving in to some coding, just to be able to understand what’s possible and what it could add to my workflow. So mostly I will share different rigs, expression test or scripts etc. I might even try making a video tutorial 🙂
The main focus will be different possibilities of making a more effective production for digital communication.

But why is motion graphics so important for digital communication?
Everyone using different words when explaining it. I think, if the purpose is to build a closer relationship, emphasize trust or strengthen your brand. Then motion graphics will be super important for you.

But still…. these are just words…

This is an explanation. I´ve been thinking about it lately, and I do think you can recognize connection you get from it.
The answer is in one of our most used communication platforms and how it developed during the years. Text message!

What feels good?
Who doesn´t add a few smileys when text messaging these days. The poop-smiley! Probably have a spot in your ”recent used” category also, as the rest of the world.
But it´s even better if the one I communicate with does it too. Suddenly I can imagine what mood the person is in, how the person feels.

But if its just text….. it could be a bit harder to tell. Its just information. Information is of course super important but together with a picture its even stronger, and it helps you connect and understand the communication better.

Now days we´ve taken this to another level. Not everyone, but many people do.
It´s fast, fun and easy to take in 🙂

Thank you for reading and welcome to my blog!


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