Matchi ident

MATCHi is a complete booking system for racket sports. Even if you love playing padel, tennis, badminton, table tennis, pickleball or squash, they will be your best friend making your racket sport easier and more accessible where ever you are.

  • Matchi
  • Daniel Isedal

From sketch to final output

Everything from design, storyboard, music and animation were asked to be created with a mission of delivering their brand in motion. One 15sec animation and two 5sec.

Two different short versions

Be reachable everywhere

It’s not just you, as a company, who can build and strengthen your brand. You have a whole group of people out there on the social media platforms. One fun thing we did was to give the users the opportunity to easily access some simple GIFs when creating a new story. Try it yourself! Create a new story on Instagram. Click on the GIF icon and in the search field just type MATCHI.