Branding FortVillage

Fortvillage digitizes your property management.
Their vision is to simplify the ownership and management of properties for house owners.
There are many parameters to consider when creating a new visual identity. But I believe in how real life communication works. How we create interaction, building relationships or finding your soulmate. You must be clear and honest in your communication.

However, the difference in the digital world is that you might only get one chance, so the first impression is very important. So in this case for FortVillage, where you quickly want to communicate a very complex service, simplicity also is an important factor.

Together, we agreed that an isometric style would provide a wide and clear overview of all the features that FortVillage had to offer. It has been super fun working on this branding concept and be a part of their new visual identity. Check out their website!

Social media template

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