Never thought I would be sitting here writing a blog post.

I tell you right away. Im not a writer and I can already promise that this post will be the most text based post. It will probably be very easy to read for most people since my goal is to use it as a complement for my portfolio. Some times i might share intresting ideas and concept or updates from the motion industry. But for most Im going to use it for sharing experiment with automation in animation. It could be different rigs, expression test, script. Different possebilities for making a more effective production in digital communication.

But why is motion graphics so important in digital communication?

Digital communication is fast so You need to connect with your audience fast. And with the connection you want to give the right information, give the right mood

A short explanation why motion graphics can help you build a better relationship with your audience.

What feels best?


I Always looked at myself as a person who communicate with pictures. Who doesn´t love to put a smiley in the end of a sentence. The poop-smiley! Probably have a spot in your ”recent used” category also, as the rest of the world.

I love using alot of smileys when sending text messages. It never cant be to much. And even better if the one I communicate with does it too. Suddenly I can imagine what mood the sender is in, how the person feels. But if its just text….. Im more or less confused. Its just information. Information is of course super important but together with a picture its even stronger, and it helps you connect and understand the communication better.

Sending GIFs. Short loops of motion graphics



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